Nov 20, 2017 | Beauty

Skin health

The skin is our largest organ and the border with our environment, excelling in flexibility and regeneration. However, extreme conditions and challenging periods like pregnancy, considerable weight gain, weight loss and open wounds can prove too rapid for the skin to adapt and permanent surface changes like stretch marks or scars can appear. Lifestyle and hormonal imbalances can also give rise to subcutaneous changes like cellulite. It is never too late, however! The skin has exceptional regeneration abilities if given suitable aid.

As the proverb says, we are at our happiest when feeling good in our skin. The skin is the mirror of your health and beauty. Let your inner happiness radiate on the outside as well! The skin is our second set of lungs and our second mouth. As much as 60 percent of what we apply to the skin ends up in our blood and organs. If we are literally soaking our skin in chemicals, we risk chronic changes in its functions, which may be even worse than harmful radiation. There is a saying that goes: only if we can eat something that we would apply to our skin can we know it will not damage our skin or body.

Overall appearance


One of the most important factors in weight loss success is your metabolism. A sufficient amount of daily exercise and appropriate nutrition are decisive for the metabolic processes to function effectively. As plain mortals on diets, we sometimes tend to do the not very smart thing and ‘plant’ numerous coffees or other energy drinks into our day to further the metabolism, substitute for meals and get a further boost of energy. Does this sound familiar? Not only is this unhealthy, but the results in terms of extra energy are short-lived. Mumie Shilajit can provide you with an additional help in the dieting process as it enhances your metabolism and curbs your appetite.

One of the most important parts of a diet is also a proper detox, provided by Mumie Shilajit as it helps you get rid of toxins and bacteria. Attack the weight loss challenge from both the inside and outside, with a powerful ally that provides you with a dose of the very best nutrients that a natural supplement can provide! With regular use, Mumie Shilajit’s energy boosting effects can be felt, so much so that a lot of people renounce coffee altogether. Imagine being energized throughout the day, proud of the workout regime you have stuck to and of the fact that your diet is on the right track in all the right ways!

Why Mumie Shilajit?

  • It is seen as a rejuvenating substance, as it revitalizes the entire system.
  • It has been produced with special processes, which maintain its purity, vital substances and energy. It is hand-prepared with love.
  • It stimulates the function of the skin and improves its structure.
  • It gives a feeling of comfort, relaxation and has a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • It is suitable for the prevention and healing of stretch marks and scars
  • It is used for anti-cellulite care.
  • Mumie Shilajit is perfectly used in massage purposes and help in overcoming stress, it slows the aging process and rejuvenates the skin. It gives the skin a fresh appearance and helps in preventing wrinkles.
  • It calms and refreshes the body
  • Phospholipids in shijalit have an energy function and improve the microcirculation and thefunctioning of cells.

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