Hormones play a vital role in the development and functioning of the body. They also influence one’s mood and contentment. A fulfilling sex life is an important part of a relationship and of your life balance. Mumie Shilajit helps maintain the balance and comfort of the menstrual cycle, supports the male and female sexual functions and helps maintain the health of the prostate gland. Prevent stress and tiredness from affecting this wonderful aspect of your life! Production of men’s testosterone is dependent on zinc and vitamin B. The level of testosterone declines with age, consequently reducing sexual desire. Since, after the age of 50, the main reasons for reduced testosterone production are prostate issues, it is necessary to take regular care of this area.

Why Mumie Shilajit?

  • Mumie Shilajit contains zinc, which strengthens the immune system, participates in the creation of hormones that affect male hormones and increases sperm production. It improves mental health.
  • Mumie Shilajit supports women and men`s sexual functions. Mumie Shilajit will lead to longer lasting sexual pleasure and stronger erections.
  • Guards against infertility and impotency. Mumie Shilajit affects the production of spermatozoa and their movement. In addition to zinc, it also contains iron, which is important in preventing male infertility. Asian medical literature describes improvement of erectile dysfunction and increased sperm quality.
  • Mumie Shilajit has an impact on the strengthening synthesis of nitric oxide during sexual arousal. Nitric oxide is important for blood flow through the arteries and to the tissue, which is essential for erections.
  • Mumie Shilajit enjoys the reputation of being a very effective sex tonic, if you use it in combination with blueberries and carrot juice. As for sexual hormones; in men, Mumie Shilajit affects the production of free testosterone and in women affects oestrogen and other hormones that are important for reproduction.
  • For women, Mumie Shilajit has a beneficial effect on the ovaries and hormonal balance. It relieves the symptoms of menopause and helps adjust the body to this physiological process.
  • The recommended consumption of Mumie Shilajit is two doses (0.3 g) per day, in the morning and evening. The effect of Mumie Shilajit is enhanced by the addition of egg yolk or freshly squeezed juices. The quality of the sperm is improved by six to seven different methods. The length of the treatment is between 25 and 28 days. With the aim of achieving the effect of “natural Viagra”, consume Mumie Shilajit in the morning (0.4 g). In practice, many men, after a certain period of taking Mumie Shilajit, experience the feeling that they have returned to age 20 – 25 when it comes to libido and sexual power.

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